SimCity Buildit Hack – Unlimited Simoleons and SimCash

Electronics Art or just call it EA is one of the known game developers in the gaming industry and they have proven it again and again. EA has produced some of the best games and SimCity is one of the game and they launched it on mobile devices a few years ago and one more addition to a city simulation game.

Simcity BuildIt hack is just another city building game with some more better things. It’s available on Play Store and App Store for free and is rated 4.5 stars and it’s based on the freemium model.

In this game, you get to build a metropolis and manage it also you are responsible for the well being of your citizens. You get to act as a mayor and you have to take all the major decisions for the goodwill of your city and its population.

The game begins with few pieces of land from which you have to start your city and expand the small town to a bigger metropolis. As it’s in real life your population will be needing resources and other facilities so you have to deliver them those resources and other facilities to keep them happy. Farming and running factories are one of the ways from which you get resources and even get end products which you have to sell to citizens and earn money for the development of other facilities. The whole game gives you an exact idea of how cities and government work in the real life world. Simcity Buildit hack details are given below.

Furthermore, you have tasks managing taxes, improving roads and building some important public amenities such as Fire Station, Police Station and more.

Its not a game where you just play it after somedays because you are bored it’s kind of interactive game as daily some new problem is there in city and you have to figure that out and go ahead and if you don’t solve that problem your populations get angry and they start leaving your city which will impact your economic condition. To learn about Simcity Cheat tool scroll down.

You also get to visit your friend’s city and see how they are doing and you can even ask for help from them as getting some resources from them or ask them to lend you some money for your city’s development.

Overall, Gameplay is quite fun and top-notch graphics of the game makes it more interactive. You get to see a 3D representation of building and the space you gonna build it so you can decide which way you should build it and furthermore the game looks realistic with its graphics and it doesn’t feel like you are playing it on a mobile.

As told earlier its a freemium game which means it’s free to download which comes with in-app purchases which provide some more benefits overplaying it by paying nothing. You get resources easily and you don’t have to wait long enough to get them. The in-app purchases start from ₹ 79.00 to ₹ 7,900.00 per item which we think doesn’t make any sense as other games such as Townsville come with much cheaper in-app purchases and alternatively, if you play this game smartly enough then there is no need to buy any in-app items.

So as a conclusion if city building simulation is something you like and you are a big fan of SimCity then this game is not going to disappoint you and with its pretty lucrative graphics it’s a must play the game.

Simcity Buildit Hack

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